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Six Great Reasons Why You Should Use SEAL-A-FRIDGE if Your Seals Need Replacing


All SEAL-A-FRIDGE technicians are professional in the work they perform, our professionalism starts when you first contact us right though to when the job is completed. We pride ourselves on the work we perform because, its all we do!


SEAL-A-FRIDGE has minimum quality standards for all the Fridge Seals that we supply. SEAL-A-FRIDGE technicians must use, where available, only products that exceed our minimum quality standards. This guarantees the quality of the goods we sell and protects our great name. Customers buy SEAL-A-FRIDGE Fridge Seals because they know SEAL-A-FRIDGE means quality.

Mobile Service

SEAL-A-FRIDGE franchisees are located in every state and territory in Australia. Our mobile service will come to your home or business to replace your fridge seals. Yes we have been called “Seals on Wheels”.


Due to SEAL-A-FRIDGE’s large amount of Franchises, we have great purchasing power. We buy high quality products in bulk to keep our prices low. You might be able to purchase cheaper quality fridge seals at lower prices, but that’s probably why your seals need replacing now! Whitegoods manufacturers are striving to cut costs wherever they can that’s why some use low quality and cheaper Fridge Seals in their refrigerators. SEAL-A-FRIDGE will replace you Fridge Seal using high quality products at an affordable price, along with the protection of the SEAL-A-FRIDGE trademark and a warranty on parts and labour.


SEAL-A-FRIDGE guarantees our Fridge Seals and workmanship. We offer a full 12 months warranty and for residential Fridge Seals and installation and 3 months on commercial Fridge Seals installed by our trained technicians. This protects the customer from any default in the Fridge Seal of defect in the installation by the SEAL-A-FRIDGE installer. However, this does not cover damage or neglect by the users of the refrigerator.


SEAL-A-FRIDGE has the know how and experience gained over the last 26 years to solve any problems. Whether it’s a broken seal, blocked drain, or if the door is out of alignment we collectively have replaced tens of thousands of fridge seals. We do it right the first time!

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Happy Customers

  • It is with great pleasure that we at the Ouyen Community Club are prepared to give a testimonial to your company Seal-a-Fridge. We had been disappointed by the inadequate work done by the pr...

  • I have an old round top Kelvinator which needed a new seal and SAF was able to source a seal to fit and install this into the old fridge. Really happy with the service provided. It took a wh...

  • Thank you Seal-a-fridge for the prompt and efficient replacement of the seals on my Fridge/Freezer. The boys arrived at the time booked and cheerfully and competently replaced the seals. The...

  • I had a fridge door that would not seal or shut properly and as I live out of town it was difficult to get someone to have a look at what the problem was. I called Seal A Fridge and they wer...

  • The fridge at my workplace had an infestation of insects getting into the freezer, so I called SAF to replace the seal. They inspected the fridge and found that the seal was ok and only need...

  • Not only was our food lasting longer but our electrical bills are smaller too.  Thanks Seal-a-fridge.Chrysti

  • Seal-a-fridge repaired our 15 year old fridge (August 2014) by replacing the old seals and a broken corner hinge with one made of metal. Mark and his colleague arrived on time, were friendly...

  • Thank you for your prompt reply. Darren came out and did the job today. I am extremely impressed with your level of service and will be recommending you to any one looking at repairing a ...

  • Scott from Seal a Fridge just came and realigned the door on my Smeg fridge. He did a great job. I only phoned yesterday and spoke with Amy who booked it in for this morning in Belmont. Amy ...

  • What a wonderfully refreshing change to have servicemen arrive when they are supposed to, do quality work and get it right the first time, and be happy whilst working.

    Cannot thank you enou...

Our Guarantee

We offer a full 12 months warranty and for residential Fridge Seals and installation and 3 months on commercial Fridge Seals installed by our trained technicians.


Australia’s No 1 Fridge Seal Replacement Service Since 1988!

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